Memberships and Protocols

A Mou is signed among the participating libraries to adhere to the protocols, procedures, and commitment of financial resources towards the project's sustenance for five years.

Membership to the Union Catalogue is open to IIM Libraries only. As a member of the project, it is expected that.

- Each member mandatorily uploads the holding as per the template of the description for the item's type.
- Copy Cataloguing is enabled for all the ILS systems, and ILS can integrate z39 Profile of the catalog.
- Libraries may import their patron accounts into the database or allow their patrons to register themselves.
- The turnaround time to honor an ILL request is 48 hours, and the courier charges are to be paid by the requesting library.
- Bye-laws, Governance, and extension of the memberships to other Management School libraries are in progress.

Holding in IIM's

The numbers of record in each IIM'S

Library No of records
Ahmedabad 228731
Amritsar 1803
Bangalore 204414
Calcutta 201477
Bodh Gaya 2092
Indore 32232
Jammu 5218
Kashipur 18821
Kozhikode 38933
Lucknow 45890
Nagpur 3115
Rohtak 6027
Raipur 12385
Sirmaur 818
Shillong 11458
Udaipur 5224
Visakhapatnam 2255

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